Window Tint Installations At
Pro-Tech Services Residential-
Wine Styles in cape coral fl
Auto repiar shop in cape coral  silver mirror
sungard silver 15 lehigh home
sungard silver mirror lehigh home
Sungard silver mirror lehigh home
silver mirror installation
club square in cape coral sungard centry film
sungard centry series tint installation
silver mirror
silver mirror tint on pre tinted silding door glass
cape coral home
strip and retint with scenic view 10 jwf
one slider door done with sv-10 and other door with old faded film being removed
both door with sv-10 jwf
installing sv10
completed window with sv-10 jwf
installing sv-10 on window on cape coral home
installing sv-10 on cape coral home
sv-10 looking from the outside of home
sv-10 from the outside of cape coral home
close up of sv-10 from outside the home
Pro-Tech Tinting taking picture of sv-10 at a cape coral home
Auto Window Tint Installations
installing tint on drivers door
cleaning for johnson film application
Installing Johnson Window Film
Trimming Johnson Window Film
legal tint install
checking out our work
35 and 20 on a hyundia
35 on a van door
installing 20% on back glass
jeep patroit 3% 20% legal install
20% install on back of suv
20% on back glass of suv
35% and 20% on mini truck
20% on back glass of truck
legall tint install but picture taken with cell phone looks darker than it really is
2012 kia
google maps for our window tinting cape coral listing
Window Film on any
windows are not
suppose to have to be
spliced. The window
film that is being
installed will always be
1 piece to cover the
window. Here at
Pro-Tech Tinting you
will never get a bad
100% satisfaction
This is from another
local shop in our area  
If you have a had bad
installation from
another shop come to
Pro-Tech Services and
lets get it done right
the first time.
Pictures of Installer putting
on Scenic View 10
from Johnson window films.
Molding film to the shape of the back glass
install 35% on frameless doors
sungards solar silver 15 on arch window
20% on  a g35 infinity
20% on a g35 infinity
35% on passanger door
Installing 20% on rear hatch of Suv
7 reasons to have window film installed in your home or business
Installing Scenic View 10 on 2 sliding glass doors
35% on a caddy drivers door
chevy llumana
molding film to fit the shape of the window on the car
05 hyundai elantra before tinting it
just finished molding the tint to fit the back glass. The tint goes on the inside of the car
wet checking the shrinking of the tint to see if any thing else needs to be shrunk to fit
tint is installed on the inside of the back window completed done moving on to next window
a view from inside out
just pulled car out of the bay to check installation
checking out the tint before calling customer
looks way to dark just the angle of the picture with a bad reflection not really that dark
05 Hyundai Elantra some of
the pictures here the
reflection makes the tint
look darker than it really is
on the car..
The back glass is 1 piece of
window tint .
Look at how clean and
clear the installation is
clear the installation is
looking out the window
from inside the car...
sv-10 johnson window film dual reflective silver and grey
sv-10 johnson window film
sv-10 dual reflective silver/grey johnson window film
sv-10 johnson window film dual reflective film silver/grey
sv-10 johnson window film
sv-10 johnson window film
sv-10 johnson window film
sv-10 johnson window film
Johnson window film
blocks 89% of the glare
blocks 99% of the uv rays
blocks 90% of the incoming light

lifetime warranty on film and
labor due to being a motor
home can't give 3 years glass
and seal failure warranty ...

All window have privacy glass
which is black in color and
some spot are not privacy
glass. So with the black color in
the glass you can't tell sv-10
window film is silver. But where
the glass is clear you can see
the silver window film .The
windshield is not tinted it is a
silver sun shield in picture.
smoke grey 20% over privacy glass
smoke grey 20% over privacy glass
smoke grey 20% over privacy glass
smoke grey 20% over privacy glass
smoke grey 20%over privacy glass
smoke grey 20% on privacy glass on rv
travel trailer
this travel trailer had privacy
glass all ready with black
color in the glass.

Added smoke grey 20% the
heat a lot.
Passanger side of the RV before we tinted it
The way the Rv looked on the outside before we tinted it
Nice box of Johnson window film sv10
The inside before we tinted it
Johnson window film sv10
johnsonw window film sv10
johnson window film sv10
johnson window film sv10
Johnson window film sv10
Driver window 49x30 20%
Driver window 20%
Door glass with5%
20% film so the driver can see out
Visor Strip 8-6-2012
the RV before we tinted
show the windows with
one side tinted as we
installed Johnson
window film sv10 window
tint. Then we move to the
outside of the RV to show
what it looks like after we
tinted the RV..
just shrank the film for installation
shrinking the film some more
film has been shrank enough to fit the rear
The film totally done and ready for install on the
inside of the rear glass
look how smooth the film is right before
installation. Film goes on the inside of the rear
Final trim to the size of the window and customer
wanted the 3rd break light cut out
Rear window finished
35% on front doors and 20% on rear car is
Another picture of the completed car
2012 Hyundai
20% rear 35% front

1 piece of film for
the rear window in
picture. I started out
molding the film for
the rear window
with a heat gun on
the outside of the
rear glass.  You will
see it being check
to see if it has been
molded enough to
be installed. Then
you will see it  cut  
to size to fit  the
rear glass.
black paint to the side doors in the middle of removing it to tint the window
limo tint on the rear yes it is legal
35% on the front door and limo on the side
35% on the driver door
Customer shows up for
appointment and then
tells me he has painted
the window on the side
and back of the van. Wow
what a pain this was the
windows. I installed limo
on the rear and sides of
the cargo van and 35% on
the front doors to be
limo tint installed on RV 11-30-2012
limo tint on rv 11-30-2012
limo tint install on Rv 11-30-2012
Installing limo on the window of the Rv 11-30-2012
Before and after picture of the Installation
Doing the install of limo tint on the RV
Installing limo tint
on this RV at the
customers home. It
will come with a
lifetime warranty
and yes it is legal
to have it that dark
shrinking window film to fit the back glass of the kia forte
20% on the rear glass of the town car ..
20%/35% shadows make film darker than it is legal tint install..
Installed 35% on front doors
Hyundia Accent hatchback 35%/20%
finished look of 35%/20% installed
legal install 35%/20%
2010 Hyundia Accent and
a 2002 Lincoln Town Car.
All legal tint installation
with lifetime warranty
27 Years Installing
Auto-Residential-Commercial Window Tinting