2014 new advertising new business name

Well in the last few months of 2013 some of my family started asking me why I was only promoting window tinting when I offered other services like car audio,custom suspension ( lowering kits , lift kits , air bagged suspension kits). We also offer bed covers,performance programmers for trucks, welding and so much more . Well just so happens i decided to change my  dba .

I came up with Pro-Tech Services and why I know this was a good thing to do.A  few days before I began to do the name change .

I got a call from a seo marketing company that had told me how they could help me get a lot of business in 2014 buy using them to advertise my business online with seo marketing . What I liked out them is not only great price  They seamed honest and straight forward unlike the hundreds of other companies that have called me over the years.  We I told them I had to talked it over with my finance manager they told me to run with it.

Well this is the tools that this seo marketing company is providing us  2014 to keep up with google to be able to advertise my local listing.

They built us 2 twitter accounts for car audio and auto suspensions. 2 facebook pages on car audio and auto suspension and built us 2 websites for car audio and auto suspension.Since I built my own website back a few years ago to promote my business everything is linked to this main page so i don’t have to promote window tinting because that is mainly what my self built site is about.  They also get me first page ranking on google ,yahoo and bing and do all my seo optimizing for one low price.

Well you can find us  on twitter https://twitter.com/protechaudiocar and https://twitter.com/protechautosusp and my facebook pages are Pro-Tech-Car Audio in cape coral and Pro-Tech-Auto-Suspension in cape coral. Here are the links to our new custom website http://www.caraudiofortmyers.com http://www.autosuspensionfortmyers.com

So for now it just a waiting game to for all this advertising to get on the web and indexed on to the search engines so people can find it and my rankings come up to where i need to be. We are over half way there . call us anytime for question on anything we can do to help you . 22 years serving swfl