Air Lift Air bag Suspension For Your Vehicle

When it comes to today’s vehicles you can just about buy a bolt on air suspension kit with little fabrication work on most any domestic or import vehicle.

  1. audi
  2. vw
  3. infinity
  4. bmw
  5. dodge
  6. chrysler
  7. ford
  8. chevrolet
  9. nissan

When it comes to a truck there are 2 types of air bag suspension for them

  1. Rear air bag kits for just towing or a load truck bed to keep the truck from sagging.
  2. Complete front and rear air bag with a lot of rear suspension fabrication work to get the truck to go as low as possible doesn’t matter if a full size truck or mini truck they are built about the same

Air Lift Suspensions has become on of the leaders in the industries. they have developed digital manifold valves which do away with the 8brass valves that give you up,down,side to side and controls the front and rear separately





Example : Lets say you have a vehicle that uses struts in the front . You would possible us something like this which may differ from the actual vehicle you maybe working on.

or like this




If you noticed the air strut above has the ability to be adjustable from the top of the strut mount (red part) which allows your vehicle to be aligned properly..  The second picture of the air strut is based off a coil over type strut and has no adjustment for the alignment. Both struts are manufactured to work flawlessly and are based on the oem designed to replicate the parts but with air bags on them and better handling/performance

Now when i come to some sedans import or domestic vehicles not all of them have struts in the rear. Some have coil springs like a chysler pt cruiser. Now a 99 lexus gs 300 has struts in the rear. So here is what a air bag from Air Lift looks like if you are needing to replace a coil spring.

And yes I almost for got one thing with the type of air bag set up. You have to have an upper and lower mounting  bracket for the air bag .. which is the same size diameter as the diameter of the air bag itself like 6″ diameter or 7″ 8″ diameter. Then the height of the bracket has to be measure and determine. With these measurements this give you the proper fitment of the air bag which replicates the oem coils spring.

All manufactures that make this type of air bag set up has done the measuring for you In there research and development. When you buy an air lift air bag kit all you have to do is tell us your make and model few other things about your vehicle and we get you the correct kit.. Bag brackets is what holds the air bag (double convoluted bag) to the area where the oem coil spring was.

Now if you have a rear strut they look different than the front strut air bag set up sometimes the use a sleeve bag like the picture below. Because there is less room in the rear of the vehicle due to trunks and hatch back type vehicles