why you don’t buy electronics on online or ebay

Customer calls us on 7-9-17 tells us that he’s having issues with installing this double din radio into 2000 ford f150.. the oem harness has been cut and he’s trying to hard wire double din radio harness to cut radio harness..


So for us to help him we ask him to come to our shop.. he tell us once he get to us it came on yesterday but no sound but now it will not power up at all. We bust out our power probe test meter  we find out no power on the constant power wire or 12 volt ignition switched power wire. So we start checking fuses under the dash. We fine out the radio fuse is blown and we replace it and now we have constant power at the radio still can’t find why there is no 12 volt ignition switch power at the radio. So we run an 18 gauge red wire from the radio to the fuse panel and install a fuse connector on a fuse that only has power when the car is running.. Now we get constant power and 12 volt ignition switch power at the radio solder our connection and the radio powers up but we get no sound..  

Now this was a 6.5″ 2DIN TOUCH SCREEN Car Stereo DVD Player Bluetooth Radio no name ebay radio paid 109.00 free shipping 








after spending sometime checking to see if oem speakers work or even in the doors I come to the conclusion that the output from the radio is bad and customer needs to send back the radio to ebay seller for replacement warranty..

on the 7-16-2017 customer brings me a radio that he said that he just got it suppose to be a brand new replacement for the warranty radio .. Funny thing is when they email ebay seller they said keep the broken radio and we will ship you a new one. They didn’t even care to get old broken merchandise back.. so I unbox the new radio and plug it into the radio harness that we wired in the week before and radio comes on and power up function perfect expect still no sound. I start searching for info on the web for solutions or people that have this product with the same issues. can’t find anything after about an hour of trying to get sound out of the radio i accidently hit the eject button for the cd player and out comes a cd..

so now I tell the customer I’m guessing this was someone else warranty radio that for got to remove their cd before they sent it back to ebay seller. Now you have it and it no different from the first radio you got from ebay seller..NO SOUND

I take an old jvc single din radio i use for testing and use my power probe test meter to power up the jvc radio and cut a rear speaker wire off the harness of the ebay radio and connect the wires to the jvc radio turn it on and now we have sound coming out the trucks speakers but coming from my test radio. customer is pissed off royally ..

So now my customer has 2 broken double din radio from ebay with no sound non brand chinese crap radio and out $109.00 

This is why you don’t buy items online because seller can send you anything they want. you don’t have any way of getting in touch with most of them they may give you an email address but don’t respond or there number only goes to voice mail.

If the customer would have bought a radio from us .. It would have been new in sealed box and no issues.. with a labor warranty and a manufacture warranty from either kenwood,sony,jvc,power acoustik etc..


ebay radio pictures stay away from