WINDOW FILM can’t be Installed on PLASTICS Windows

Here is an article from JOHNSON WINDOW FILM on why you can’t tint Plexiglass, polycarbonate and lexan..

TintMan Tips Article003_2017-R2plastic

Why you can’t use automotive tint on Homes or Businesses

Here is an article for why you can install automotive window tint on homes and businesses .. article by Johnson Window Film

TintMan Tips Article010_2017



How do you protect your skin in doors “Window Tinting”

You use sunblock to protect your skin while outside from the sun, but what are you doing to protect your skin while indoors…

Non-Tinted windows will allow the harmful sun damaging energy to still affect your skin when sitting next to Non-Tinted windows for long periods of time.. YES YOU CAN STILL GET A SUNBURN BY SITTING NEXT TO NON-TINTED WINDOWS.. CALL PRO-TECH SERVICES TO HAVE YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS WINDOWS TINTED 239-560-3498


Enjoy the privacy of window tint in your home or business

With window tinting you can have an extra layer of protection to give you privacy in your home or business.. By selecting  the right darkness of window tint it can give you the privacy you need during the day.

Just because it blocks the people from seeing in to your home or business doesn’t mean it keeps the home owner or business owner from see out the windows from inside.

Daylight natural 20 from JOHNSON WINDOW FILM. from the outside it give your all the privacy you need.

Far left window has been stripped and re-tinted top and bottom. See how clear your view is looking out. the rest of the windows are still having the old film removed