WINDOW FILM can’t be Installed on PLASTICS Windows

Here is an article from JOHNSON WINDOW FILM on why you can’t tint Plexiglass, polycarbonate and lexan..

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Curtains should be use as a decoration not a necessity

Call Pro-Tech Services and have us add window film to your home to block the heat … Curtains are not for blocking heat . They are meant for decoration for the window area..  239-560-3498

How to keep your home or business cooler in the summertime

Ever wonder why your home or business gets hot during the summertime and your electric bill goes up and your a/c runs more

It’s because all non-tinted windows allow the sun to come through and heat up your home or business. Curtains and mini blind or vertical blinds don’t do anything to block the sun they are there to give you some privacy and decorate your window openings.

Non-tinted windows allow the suns issues to heat up your home or business.

1 Solar Energy <heat>decrease-heat

2 IR Heat <infrared>

3 UV Rays

4 Glare


Quick Fact :


There are many variables in choosing the right window tint for your application to help reduce the heat, glare, uv rays, and the electric bill.The glass thickness and the type of glass (tempered, laminated , non laminated, impact resistance/hurricane) just to name a few. Are your windows single pain or double pain windows. Do they have an e-coating on the glass.

Once we figure the type of window you have and what your issue is. We can show you the best window film to fit your need with out damaging your windows.

The more reflective a window tint is the better heat blocking it will do.


solar silver (mirror tint) is a good film for any window. Works well on single pain glass but if you have a sever heat problem and you have double pain windows you will want to use a very reflective tint like this.

mirror tint it reflects the heat

mirror tint reflects the heat solar silver 20



Dual Reflective Window Tint

These types of film are silver on the outside and grey on the inside as seen in pictures. This type of film is made for double pain windows.You should never put dark black or dyed film on double pain windows. Dark non-reflective tint will absorb the heat and eventually will crack the outer pain of the double pain window because to much heat build up between the 2 pains of glass.

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single pain windows can put most any type of film on the window

here is a picture of day light natural 15. Which is a neutral film very low reflectivity 00T0T_2OkIyctMsPJ_600x450 00v0v_fwf90QgB4VB_600x450















There are many more types of window tint to pick from. We have mentioned  just a few. If your interested in knowing more about reducing the suns harmful effects in your home or business go to our website and email us for an appointment if you live in the swfl area.