How do you protect your skin in doors “Window Tinting”

You use sunblock to protect your skin while outside from the sun, but what are you doing to protect your skin while indoors…

Non-Tinted windows will allow the harmful sun damaging energy to still affect your skin when sitting next to Non-Tinted windows for long periods of time.. YES YOU CAN STILL GET A SUNBURN BY SITTING NEXT TO NON-TINTED WINDOWS.. CALL PRO-TECH SERVICES TO HAVE YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS WINDOWS TINTED 239-560-3498


No matter your how awesome your homes view is, window film can help boost your Energy Efficiency and Reduce the Sun Damage. Call Pro-Tech Services 239-560-3498 for us to come out to your location and give you a quote. johnson window film/pro-tech services 

25 years tinting swfl


Curtains should be use as a decoration not a necessity

Call Pro-Tech Services and have us add window film to your home to block the heat … Curtains are not for blocking heat . They are meant for decoration for the window area..¬† 239-560-3498