Broken Radios
Radio Problems
No display

Back lighting for display dim in spots or out. CD
does not work, or will not accept CD the first five+
times then it will, or CD works according to the
weather and temperature, or car stereo will not
eject CDBack light only,
Repair - '90-91 Corvette, we also suggest sending
CDM (Tuner Box), when sending these Corvette
radios for repair.
Repair - '93-96 Corvette, all stereo functions work,
intermittent audio all speakers, power antenna up
and down with audio in and out? See CDM below.

'90-91 Corvette Stereo
(Gray face / orange letters)
Cass 16080771 / 16144141
Cass/CD 16080781/16144151         
'94-96 Corvette Stereo
(Black face / white letters)
Cass 16208161
Cass/CD 1620817
Stereo unit powers up, no or distorted audio,
no FM, some/all speakers work intermittently,
or the system is dead.
Repair rate for CDM box . However, the
'93-96 CDM boxes encounter water damage.
With time and age the weather stripping
around the rear hatch shrinks and allows
water to enter into the rear pockets. The
majority of the '93-96 CDM boxes are
repairable. However, if the CDM is not
repairable, a new replacement is   You will be
called and notified if your CDM is not
repairable before exchanging.

90-96+/- Corvette BOSE Stereo CDM
(Tuner Pre-amplifier) Box
Corvette Bose
USA 16083220, 16087100, 16145221,
16169541, 16178351, 16178741, 16178751
European 16141266, 16142606, 16169531,
Japan 16089520, 16142616, 16169531,
CD changer jammed, will not play CD's,
or will not accept or eject CD. However,
before thinking of repair, disconnect one
of the main car battery terminals for
several minutes then reconnect. This can
act as a "Reset" and may bring the
changer back to working. Otherwise, this
is a repair issue.

Chevrolet 6 CD Changer

Delco / Delphi
09374704 / 12246889 / 10357886
15183817 / 15184935 / 15184939
15198715 / 21003405 / 10359677

error or focus error  

Chevrolet Single CD Player
Chevrolet CD Player Repair
Chevrolet Matsushita CD Player
25842777 / CQ-JG4681YC
Single CD player, will not play CD, CD
clicks when attempting to eject, will not
eject CD, CD garbled, CD Skips, This  
includes repair of back lights.
Chevrolet Single CD Player
Delco / Delphi Electronics

Chevrolet Malibu
12247391 / 15243194 / 15255023 /
15777349 / 15806594 / 15921647 /
28000618 / 28016917 / 28019291 /
89047146 / 28061752

Single CD player, will not play CD,
and/or no display

Chevrolet Single CD
Delco / Delphi Electronics
Chevrolet Cobalt Car Stereo Removal,
Repair and Service
Chevrolet Cobalt

Single CD player, will not play CD, CD
clicks when attempting to eject, or will
not eject CD

Chevrolet Single CD / MP3
Delco / Delphi Electronics
Chevrolet Car Radio Removal, Repair
and Service
Chevrolet Equinox
15868182 / 28046576

6 CD changer jammed, will not play
CD's, or will not accept or eject CD's,
repair rate

Chevrolet Equinox 05-06
Chevrolet Equinox Car Stereo Repair
and DIY Car Stereo Removal
Chevrolet Equinox
15798240 / 28032054
10384398 / 28001011

Missing sections of back lights on
CD player inop, will not accept and
play CD's

Chevrolet Delco Stereo

Chevrolet Avalanche
Chevrolet Camaro

Silver series,(1-4 channel amp),
located in trunk one year warranty.
Caprice Classic
Bose Silver Series Amplifier
Bose Silver series amplifier - Bose
Part #'s 16155131, 1616011
Chevrolet Factory Radio Problems