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Broken window from wrong window tinting installed
A customer that passed up our qoute to use another shop in town cheaper I guess.
We got call  to ask us some questions 8 months later. The east facing windows on our  home 7
of the windows that were tinted have cracked. The installer for this other company is saying that
he has never heard of this and there may be a foundation problem with my home... Any advice?

We found out that the double pain windows did not get the Suntek bronze 20.The shop sold Jill
on a bronze 20 reflective film and it would been fine and she wouldn't of  had a problem. But they
didn't get what  was quoted to them. I'm guessing the shop put on what ever they had in stock.
Now Suntek  will not warranty the glass breakage warranty.
The customer had double pain windows and they did not use a
reflective film they put a black film on the windows . I think looking at it was like a auto film it
metered 5% .  Well not all tint shop have knowledge of window tinting they just want your money..

The solution is on double pain windows you alway have to install a low E film or a very high
reflective window film. Never Install dark black or smoke grey types of films. Why you may ask .

  • When installing a dark black film on a double pain window the film absorbs the heat and
    it build up on the outer glass and 99% of the time the window will crack.
  • Reflective film or low E Reflective film when Installed on a double pain window
    it will reflect the heat and the build up on the outer glass pain will never happen and so
    you will never have a cracked glass

The hyper link above will show a picture of Johnson Window Film solar silver 20 mirror tint  on
a double pain window done back in 2007
8ml security  film on double pain windows

another way to protect yourself  in your
home or business from break ins .This
type of window film has it benefits for the
typical home owner or business owner.
This is what mecp does for the
customer and the business owner.
Serving swfl 20 years
  • Saturday 9am-2pm
  • Sunday 9am-2pm

For Residential and Commercial quote contact us at  this site or
Pro-Tech Services quotes    or call us 239-560-3498 . Your not sure what is
involved in a window film quote here it is plain and simple

  • We must look at the type of windows you have to be tinted so you can be
    quoted on the right film for HEAT,GLARE,UV RAYS THAT CAUSE FADING
  • We will show you film samples based on info you give us
  • We will give you a written quote that is good for 7 days
  • You get a lifetime warranty on film and labor and up to 5 years seal and
    glass failure coverage

Why we have to do it this way. There is so many variables in the types of
windows in your home or business. The window film manufactures has to
make many different types of window film for Residential and Commercial
application to fit the application for your type of windows. With the wrong
window film installed on your windows could lead to this........ BROKEN GLASS!
Pro-Tech Tinting suspension add