Sungard Residential warranty
Sungard extended residential warranty
Johnson window film
samples from
Window Films
Warranty is on the labor when Installing Car audio,
lift kits,lowering kits, aftermarket
accessories the product it self is covered by

  • Window tinting for homes,business are
  • back with a lifetime warranty and up to 5 year
    glass and seal failure from either Johnson
    Window films or Sungard Window Films they
    will cover the film and our labor cost.
  • When installing auto tinting it has a lifetime
    warranty unless stated at time of installations.
    The manufacture will cover the film and our
    labor cost. If Pro-Tech Tinting determine that it
    is the fault of the Vehicle owner they must pay
    to have the film replaced/film and labor cost.
heat shinking back window of car
heat shrinking back glass of car
scraping door glass with razor
pulling film out to cut pattern of window
installing the window film on the inside of window
Cracked window example
If the customer would of had window tinting install on  
the window and had it  done from a professional shop
with a lifetime warranty and with glass and seal failure
coverage as well. The window would have gotten  fixed
by the window film manufacture.. That is what a warranty
is for...
shattered glass
The auto window film
manufacture will not cover the
broken window when you have
illegal window film on the
When people call about doing a whole windshield We tell them
doing the whole windshield the right way is not to do it at all...